Our Story

Learn More About The Zen Zone Experience

The Zen Zone Experience is a metaphysical center in Oldsmar offering spiritual services and modalities for wellness and optimal health. We provide the availability and guidance from psychic readers, practitioners, and teachers. Serving yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, SCIO, PEMF, classes and many other energetic holistic experiences. Unique selection of products from around the world such as artistic displays, crystals, geodes, jewelry, incense, aromatherapy and divination tools.

Our Mission

We are here to assist in the Universal shift in consciousness that is happening. Through an assorted array of experimental modalities, people have a safe place to heal, learn and share their feelings, experiences, talents and knowledge with others of a like mind. It is a place of love, peace and tranquility energized by the natural energy for all to share in, if they choose. We are always excited to meet old and new friends.
Love. Lisa, Gene and our staff!