Jade & Tourmaline Bio Mat

Migun  Jade Thermal Physiotherapy Bed

Ionic Foot Bath

AmpCoil combines PEMF + biofeedback + bioresonance so you can manage stress and pain, promote relaxation, peak performance, support nutrition and tune/tone organ systems. It supports longevity and overall wellness. It restores your vibrational balance and neutralizes microbes, metals, and toxins to promote cleansing. Originally developed to treat Lyme disease.

Our natural jade & tourmaline bio mat generates negative ions releasing far infrared red heat. Jade is known for health benefits such as detoxifying the body, improved blood circulation, increased healing, reduction of stress and improved immune system function. Tourmaline is known for detoxifying the body, promotes healthy mood, supports fat loss, and supports the liver and kidneys.

A safe and relaxing way to promote detoxification. It helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from your body.

Uniquely integrates thousands of years of eastern medicine wisdom with technological advancements to provide you with an economical, relaxing, and rejuvenating, experience! This bed provides heated jade rollers and far infrared to provide deep, warm relaxation of the muscles and blood vessels providing circulation and relax tension. It also can relieve pain and stiffness. 

Wellness & Relaxation Specials

Available specials apply to any 4 of our wellness modalities:
AmpCoil, Jade & Tourmaline Biomat, Ionic Foot Bath, &
Migun Thermal Bed

3 for $69
4 for $85
5 for $99

Regular price= $1/minute
30 minutes= $30

Chromalive Color Energy

Aura Biopulsar Reflexograph

A combination of various sciences utilizing light energy to balance the body’s functions. Stimulating the chakra centers can provide extra support to metabolic conditions. This focus on our energetic awareness supports us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The application of color tonation directly on the correlating reflex zone allows for a simple and effective method to amplify and activate organs. We can restore our cells vitality and balance the body by using the universal language of color.

The aura or the human energy field is a multidimensional measurable force. Biofeedback technology reflecting the bodies electromagnetic filed and energy center using the combination of neuroscience, reflexology, palmistry and imaging tools. Interpretation of the aura allows us to see the invisible radiations and wavelengths of our energetic fields by visually breaking down the layers of vibrations around the body. Colors in each zone of our aura can reveal the state of an organ as well as the psychological constitution.

Experience the Zen Zone....