Movement Class Specials

Available specials apply to any of our movement classes:

Yoga, Tai Chi, & Meditation

5 for $75 (Receive 3 free)

10 for $150 (Receive 10 free)

Regular price= $15 each class

This Month's

Offering yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, PEMF, and other energetic experiences. Unique selection of products from around the world such as artistic displays, crystals, geodes, jewelry, incense, aromatherapy and divination tools.

More than a State of Mind

The Zen Zone Experience

The Zen Zone Experience is a metaphysical center in Oldsmar offering spiritual services and modalities for wellness and healing. We provide the availability of guidance from psychic readers, practitioners, and teachers. 

Wellness and Relaxation Specials

Available specials apply to all of our wellness modalities:
AmpCoil, Jade & Tourmaline Biomat, Ionic Foot Bath, Migun Thermal Bed
& Knee Physiotherapy

Enjoy 8 sessions for 60 minutes each

16 sessions for 30 minutes each
Regular price= $1/minute

30 minutes= $30